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Hukkeri, in Belgaum District of Karnataka,  is a place   of   considerable antiquity.   Archeological studies indicate that the place name Hukkeri is supposed to have been derived from ‘Huvinkeri’, means Street of Flowers. Good quality roses were grown here during the Adil Shahi times and the history of the place begins from the 14th Century. Evidences show light into the fact the place existed even before and was a center of the Jain and Shaivite cult.  Hukkeri is around 40 km  north of Belgaum.

Prime attractions at Hukkeri are the Fort and the largest tomb of Hukkeri constructed by Ain-ul-Mulk Jilani in 1509. There are also old temples of Someshwar, three Jain Bastis built in 17th Century, and the Kadam Rasul Mosque. The place also has Durgas ascribed to a lady Mansahib with inscription 1568, Hamidu’d-Din near Gajaabarwadi, Ganjul Bahar Mosque, Alum Bukhari, and Ayesha Sultana daughter of Firoz Shah Bahamani. 


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